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        Welcome to Changxing Baodi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd!

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        Our company has launched a quick dry and easy to grind, strong adhesion and low price putty. After trial use by many automobile maintenance service stations, the product quality has been widely recognized by customers. In order to promote this product with excellent performance better and faster, our company decided to recruit municipal dealers in all cities of the country.

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        Baohui original factory car special atomic putty

        Baohui automobile special-purpose atomic putty product, the ash body is exquisite, easy to smear and scrape, strong temperature resistance, good adhesion. It is especially suitable for the coating of commercial vehicles, original vehicles, large buses and automobile refitting plants.

        88 universal atomic putty

        Product features: wide range of application. Easy to polish, good adhesion, and fast curing in later stage are widely used in manufacturing and repair of automobile, truck, machine tool, machinery, ship, furniture and other industries.

        Yingwang resistant to low and high temperature atomic putty

        High and low temperature resistant putty , which can withstand 200 ℃ high temperature "baking test", has super temperature resistance and excellent adhesion. It is mainly suitable for automobile engine cover, hardware work, electrostatic spraying or other substrate surfaces with high and low temperature requirements.

        Baodi panda mechanical putty

        The ash body is fine, easy to be scratched, strong impact resistance, good flexibility, strong adhesion and good polishing in the middle and later stages. It is suitable for filling the shell surface of forklift, construction machinery, automobile manufacturing and other industries

        BD BH series alloy putty

        BD BH series alloy putty is a kind of atomic ash with good adhesion on galvanized sheet, which is suitable for various metal substrate surfaces including galvanized sheet. Drying time is short, it can be quickly polished, especially suitable for quick repair and repair in 4S station.

        BD BH series fiber putty

        The product is specially developed by our company to repair large cracks, deep scratches, holes and other major defects of FRP parts, automobile bumpers, welding plate base materials, with super filling ability and anti shrinkage.


        Changxing Baodi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of atomic ash (greasy). It is located in Hongqiao industrial zone of Changxing County in the north of Zhejiang Province and the West Bank of Taihu Lake. National highway 104 and 318, Xuanhang railway and Changhushen golden road cross the County. The transportation is very convenient. Since October 1991, the factory has been built, covering an area of more than 7000 square meters. Introduce American and Japanese technology, adopt high-tech achievements and advanced raw materials, scientific formula and high quality.


        Some notes on the use of atomic ash

        Atomic ash (unsaturated polyester resin putty) is a very common material in the construct...


        The correct use of atomic ash in aut...


        What's the difference between putty ...

        1. Choose the die according to the work plan. Flat die: 460 480 B. Shunt die: 480 500 C. ...
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